Immunoglobulin Products Market Size Estimated to Observe Significant Growth by 2019

Immunoglobulin’s also called as antibodies are large Y-shaped protein produced by B-cell. These are the glycoprotein molecule produced by plasma cells in response to entry of foreign entity such as bacteria and viruses in the body. Production of antibodies is an important function of immune system. Antibodies use binding mechanism for neutralizing the activity of a foreign particle called as an antigen.

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These are made up of basic structural unit’s namely heavy chains and light chains. In mammals five different types of antibodies (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM) are present which perform different role in response to the type of foreign antibody encountered. Occurrences of situations where people are born with low or no level of immunoglobulin, or with an immune system that does not function properly are very common. In such condition fighting with germs and other infections become extremely difficult. Therefore, immunoglobulin therapy plays an important role for compensating the insufficient quantity of immunoglobulin in the body.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified more than 100 immunodeficiencies, ranging from extremely rare deficiency to common deficiency of IgA. IgA accounts for 75% of the total immunoglobulin produced in the body. IgA is produced in mucosal lining and between three to five grams are secreted in to the intestinal lining each day. Therefore, immunoglobulins are commercially produced for treating immunodeficient patients. There are many commercially available immunoglobulin’s namely Privigen, Gammagard S/D, Gamunex-C, Gammaplex, Octagam 5% and others.

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Immunoglobulin products market is expected to grow due to rise in aging population as production of antibody decreases that leads to weaker immune system. Thus, the continuous rise in aging population would lead to rise in number of immunodeficient patients. Hence, the immunoglobulin market is expected to grow at a steady growth and would not be affected due to weak product pipeline with few innovations.

Despite the challenges, immunoglobulin products market is witnessing significant mergers and acquisitions for the development of new and innovative products. In addition, market is also expected to grow with increase in number of patients and increasing awareness about the diseases. Some of the market players in this industry are Baxter International Inc., CSL Behring LLC, Grifols S.A., Octapharma AG and others.

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